I am Alan Smith, NBS Labs Manager at NBS. I live in sunny Northumberland with my wife Kaye, our son Max and our daughter Chloe. I started at NBS back in 2005, when I joined I was the main developer of NBS Building, NBS Landscape and NBS Engineering Services. More recently, I was one of the leads on NBS Create and the NBS BIM Toolkit.

I graduated from Northumbria University at Newcastle in 2003 with a 1st Class Honors degree in Computing for Business. I had an interest in computers from a very early age. Growing up we had several computers from a Sinclair Spectrum to an Acorn Electron and various IBM compatible PCs – my very first was a 386 SX 25Mhz with 4MB of RAM! I didn’t really program a computer until I went to College in 1997, where I learnt Pascal, Delphi and Visual Basic 6. I did a placement year at BT as part of my degree, where I learnt C++ (well Pro*C/C++ actually), PL/SQL, HTML, JavaScript and how to work with Oracle Databases. Before my move to NBS, I started learning C#.NET as this was the most commonly used language by companies in the North East of England – and is the language we use for most of our products at NBS. I am also a Mac user and learnt to program the Mac with REAL Basic and Cocoa (Objective-C but more recently Swift).

In my most recent role, I manage a team of developers looking at future development of NBS products and services. We like to keep up to date with the latest technologies to see how they could benefit both NBS and our customers. As an introverted software developer, I’m not the best public speaker but you might have seen me speak about the BIM Toolkit at a couple of BIM conferences.

I also have an interest in micro-computing (I have too many Raspberry Pi’s!), electronics and the Internet of Things. I’m really interested to see how these all combine to change the construction industry in the future.

Everything on this blog are my views, not necessairly those of my employer.


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